All About Sarasota Picnics by E.L.B Flood

Hi Friends,


Growing up, my family and I spent many days in the backyard sitting around the great oak tree by the lake; creating picnics and watching the sunset while solving the world's problems. My Inspiration behind  Sarasota Picnics was nostalgia- I wanted to give people the perfect setting to get outside, create memories, and reconnect.

In 2020, we began our services offering Luxury Picnics at the location of your choosing. Since 2020, we have learned and perfected the art of hosting and planning.  What started as your typical Luxury Picnic Business has evolved into so much more. Not only do we service picnics at private locations, we also help in party planning decoration and holiday decorating. Between doing all that we love, we plan to share all of the details, tips and tricks to hosting, decor, lifestyle and design. 

Name change: During our rebrand, I really wanted Sarasota Picnics to authentic to who I am. The L.B. from Emily L.B. Flood was a way to pay homage to my 5th great grandfather, Frederick L.B. Flood, who invented a successful fishing lure brand. L.B. also has a double meaning to me, it was my late grandmama's maiden initials, Lucille Bryant.