5 Reasons To Bach In Siesta Key, Florida

Updated: Jan 13

#1 The obvious reason, Siesta key Beach is the #1 beach in The United States. Still need a reason to choose Siesta Key?

#2 The Connivence, almost all restaurants, ice cream shops, bars, and shops are in siesta Key village within a short walking distance. Don't feel like making the walk to the village? Call one of the many free trolleys to pick you and you pals up!

#3 The Nightlife, Siesta Key offers something for everyone.

Head over to The Beach Club if you are looking for a "club" atmosphere. If you are looking for something more Chill Daiquiri Deck and Gilligan's will be more your vibe. All are conveniently located in the Siesta Key Village. If you are looking for something more "Bougee" or Glamorous, grab a quick Uber to Downtown sarasota's Art Ovation or The Weston's Rooftop Bars! To be honest, we could make an entire thread for the nightlife here.

#4 The Entertainment, if the beach isn't enough of a reason to Bach in Siesta Key... The entertainment surely is. The area offers plenty of entertainment, Parasailing, Shopping, sea doo/boat rentals, Tiki Bar Boat rentals, Sandbar Parties, Paddle boarding, Aquariums, Mini Car rentals, Wine Tasting, The Ca' D'ZAN... and more..

#5 One HUGE thing you need to consider when picking a Bach location is how safe the area is, especially if your Bachelorette party include a trip to the bar and liquor store. No matter the location, we recommend at least one person stay sober to look out for the group! However, compared to larger cities, Siesta Key is relatively safe and even offers free rides to and from the bars in the village.

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