An easy tablescape for Fall...

Fall is in the air, and we are loving it. Okay, so maybe 82 isn't fall weather for most of the country, but for us floridians, anything under 85 is sweater weather. I personally can't wait to start planning Thanksgiving with my mom; yes, I have already started texting her ideas for table settings and fun activities to do with the family. This was one set up that I did about a year ago that I will probably use as inspiration for our family's thanksgiving table. I have always found solitude in a simple set table. Family shared Holidays, in my opinion, aren't the time to go all out with table decor. Please note, I am not talking about home decor- just the table setting. Creating a calm and simple setting for your family to gather around to enjoy a home cooked meal and great company is usually my goal.

So here are the detes. I found most of the table items on amazon, which I will link down below.

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