Maximalist: the new trend

Updated: 3 hours ago

So many people celebrated Fall early this year; and after two years of toning down the celebrations, hunkering down in our homes and living in an unpredictable and unfamiliar world, I say let the people shop. People are finally coming out from the pandemic rock they have been forced to live their lives under. With that, they are ditching the minimalist lifestyle that came with it. Yes, minimalism was popular before the pandemic but intensified when the world was under supplied.

The minimalist aesthetic is generally neutral, peaceful, and restful on the eyes. It is interesting how the world collectively chose this aesthetic during a time that was so unprecedented.

While the world was in chaos, we decided to make our homes a safe space. Clean lines, neutral tones, homemade whipped coffee and the clean girl aesthetic took social media by storm. Not wearing makeup became cool, having 2 pillows on your bed became a trend; Much like the way "ombre" became a popular hairstyle during the recession - when no one could afford to get their hair done. The minimalist lifestyle was adopted during a time that we could no longer go out and buy the frivolous things that we once enjoyed. A time when people could no longer look to the outside world for peace and calmness, they took it upon themselves to create that space in their homes.

We all know that trends swing like a pendulum. So what society once idolizes swings to the complete opposite. Examples: 80's fashion was all about bright colors, big clothes, lots of makeup, where the 90's were a bit more clean lines, "skin like" makeup and shirts tucked into mom jeans. Fast forward to the 2000's and we are right back at bright colors, more is better. I could follow the swing of the pendulum into 2022, but I think you get the idea.

People are emerging from the black whole of the pandemic and are excited to live life again, to go all out for holiday decorating and creating a fun environment roment that they were lacking for two years. The world is excited to get out and celebrate being alive again.

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